We are supplying Nipper for Hi- Speed comber for E7/2, E7/4, Lk 54, E7/5, E7/5A, E60, E62,PX1 and PX2 machines. Also we are doing reconditioning of the above nippers. We can do Reneedling job for Half Lap also.Spares for LMW & Reiter Combers .


We are manufacturing new Nippers for E7/4 and LK-250 Combers by using special grade Cast Iron.
We Undertake E7/4 and LK-250 Comber Nippers for Servicing


Strippers are made up of Imported polyurethane, Hardness of Polyurethane is equal to OEM's.Polyurethane strippers moulded on non corrosive metal strips suitable for Draw frames, Lap former and combers.


We undertake recloting of unicombs of all models using imported wires


Comber spares

Gyrating has a state of art manufacturing facility to produce quality critical spares & accessories for Rieter and LMW Combers.
Comber Spares are manufactured by sourcing right raw materials as in the case of OEM

Comber spares and other components are manufactured with the help of SPM's to maintain the critical dimensions of the spares &

Re Conditioning of nipper

Nipper body made out of imported aluminium alloy by adopting Pressure Die casting & potting technology.